Electrical & White Goods

Electrical & White Goods

Nufast Fastening Solutions for Electrical and Household Appliances

Nufast specializes in providing high-quality fastening solutions tailored for electrical applications. Our extensive product range supports various household appliances and demanding applications, including:

White Goods and Small Appliances

  • Fridge Freezers
  • Cookers & Stoves
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Our fasteners are designed for joining thin metal sheets, aluminium, and other light alloys, ensuring compliance with all mechanical and safety standards. Nufast fasteners offer:

  • High temperature and vibration resistance
  • Constant clamp load for safe energy distribution in both low and high voltage applications
  • Robust performance under high mechanical loads, vibration, and pressure, ideal for motors and pumps
  • Exceptional resistance to thermal cycles, vibrational loosening, and mechanical loads in refrigeration components

Nufast Ltd manufacture, globally source, stock and distribute a diverse and comprehensive range of industry standard fasteners and fixings in a wide variety of sizes, types, materials, grades, and finishes.

Product Range

  • Hex Nuts
  • Hex Flange Nuts
  • Prevailing Torque Nuts
  • Weld Nuts
  • Hex Flange Bolts
  • Hex Head Screws / Bolts
  • Hex Socket Cap Screws

Industry Standards

Size Range

Diameter – M4 – M24

Length – 8mm – 300mm

All available in Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium