Equipped with the most advanced Group facilities, Nufast deliver quality Dies with dedication to your schedule and specific needs.

Our customised tooling offers superior 'Dies' production capability to help your operation exceed production demands.

We fabricate tooling to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.

These include "as example"

  • Forming Dies
  • Punch forming Dies
  • Cut-off Knife, Quill forming Dies
  • Segment Dies
  • Segmented Hex Socket Dies
  • 12 Points Socket Dies
  • Six-lobe Socket Dies
  • Serration Die
  • Press Die
  • Nut Dies (Tin Coated)
  • Bolt Die Ø32mm X 85mm
  • Bolt Die Ø126mm X 159mm
  • Square Nut Die For Automotive Part
  • Trimming Dies, standard & special trim dies to customer prints
  • Flat Thread Rolling Dies
  • Cylindrical Dies
  • Planetary Dies
  • Pointing Die, Pinch Point, Center Point, Bullet Shape Point, Nail Shape Point, Wing Shape Point

Forming Dies for cold, warm, or hot forming and forging presses

Combination of the most advanced CAD-CAM software such as NX CAD/CAM, SMARTCAM, SOLIDWORK with modern high precision equipment such as 5-Axis Machine Centre, EDM, help us to tackle the difficulty of producing the most complex shapes forming dies

Materials Include

  • HSS
  • SKD-11, SKD-61
  • Tungsten Carbide

For any technical advice please contact;

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e: info@nufast.co.uk
t: +44 (0)1543 270 700

Nufast Tooling Dies