Optical Inspection Machine

Nufast Limited are the Exclusive UK Distributor of Accuvision Optical Sorting Machinery .

Specialising in the design and manufacture of automatic optical inspection machines with self developing software, a current leader in the marketplace secured by several patents enable sorting machines to be utilised worldwide by many of the market leaders in component manufacturing.

Application for fastener, automotive screws sorting, parts inspection. Our Auto optical inspection machines are suitable to solve the quality problems of delicate screws, nuts, rods, micro parts, general fastener, auto parts, precise semiconductor parts, medical related products and other ODM parts.

Nufast Limited provides an on-site facility for Optical sorting FIND OUT MORE >


ACV-16041 Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine

ACV-16043 Auto Optical fastener and nuts inspection machine

ACV-16045 ODM Auto Optical Inspection machine

ACV-16051 Auto parts inspection and screw inspection

ACV-16053 Large parts and bolt sorting machine

ACV-1606 Eddy current and optical inspection machine