Tolwood Multifasteners founded in 1963 pioneered the manufacture of Fasteners, Pressings and Special Cold Forged Components.

In 2001 Tolwood Limited decided to re-locate the Fastener production to the West Midlands where the majority of its customer base was located, this created Nufast UK Limited as their dedicated Fasteners Division.

On the 23rd October 2005 Nufast primary supplier Unistrong Industrial purchased Nufast UK Ltd and the name was then changed to Nufast Limited. Shortly after the acquisition a decision was made to re-locate the UK manufacturing facility to Taiwan and Nufast Limited then became a dedicated Distribution centre on behalf of Unistrong Industrial.

Following this acquisition Nufast Limited supported with investment from Unistrong have achieved accreditation to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 with certification body TUV Rheinland and recognition from Investors in People.

Our Values

As Nufast Limited grows, so too does the importance of our core values. It is integral that our customers, our employees and our suppliers are able to rely on us to behave in a professional and responsible manner.

We believe in straightforward communication. Our values are built into our Code of Conduct and our Objectives ; however, we actively keep our values at the forefront of all new developments and procedures within the company. Fairness, honesty and an open transparency underpin our everyday actions. Members of staff have a responsibility to each other to ensure a welcoming work environment, where every team member can express their opinions to the improvement and growth of our business.