Nufast mange the design, manufacturing and supply of fasteners, cold forged and pressed components for propulsion engines and auxiliary machinery and products found in a variety of ships, boats, underwater craft, remotely operated vehicles, drilling equipment and offshore installations.

We manufacture bespoke fasteners, fixing products and precision components for interior and exterior applications for a range of craft from canal barges to super yachts. In the offshore oil and gas industry our component manufacturing and design services cater for offshore platforms, rigs, pipelines and equipment.

Markets and clients include;

  • Shipyards, boatyards and marinas
  • Marine engineering firms
  • Merchant Navies
  • Defence Navies
  • Offshore oil and gas industries
  • Mineral extracting
  • Marine consultancies


We provide flexible, responsive services to provide you with the best fastening and forged or pressed component solutions suitable for your application in a competitive and time-efficient way.

Our fasteners are engineered to withstand the demanding, corrosive element of sea water.

Our various grades of stainless steel and other metals come in a wide range of finishes to ensure you obtain the best possible product for your requirements

Seamless Quality Products

Our bespoke design facilities and capabilities allow us to produce seamless quality products for marine sector. We work as a world class supplier to achieve all customer requests; design, material, and surface finishes at the customer’s discretion.

In the marine manufacturing environments, Nufast has proven to be adaptable and forward thinking. We are flexible and able to fulfil customer quality requirements, meet applicable regulatory requirements, achieve customer satisfaction, and continually improve processes.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Engineering and Technical Support
  • Branded Packaging
  • Short Lead Times
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • 24 Hour Contacts


  • Stainless steel
  • 304/316/A2/A4
  • ASTM A453 660
  • Alloy 20 / Carpenter 20
  • Duplex / Super Duplex
  • 316 /347

Typical Marine Fasteners

  • Hexagon Bolts / Setscrews
  • Studbolt & Engineering Studs
  • Machine Screws
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Full Nuts / Round Nuts / Nylon Insert Nuts
  • Valve Body / T Joint / Cylinder & Pillar
  • Washer & Spacers

Industry Standards

Size Range

Diameter – M4 – M24

Length – 8mm – 300mm

All available in Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium