Historically the group was founded on manufacturing tooling and machinery for cold forging and pressed parts along with turn-key projects for clients all over the world.

Our Service:

  • Complete Factory design and planning
  • Machinery for the associated Industries
  • Tooling for Cold Forging – Complex Press Tool
  • Tooling Design and Development
  • Technical Support & consulting

Wire Processing

Wire Pickling / Phosphating / Wire Drawing / Spheroidized Annealing / Skin Pass

Cold Forging Machinery

Bolt Former / Nut Former / Header / Open Die Header

Thread Rolling Machinery

Screws / Bolts / Studs / Set Screws

Nut Tapping Machines

Standard / Special & Long Nuts


Taps / Punches / Pins / Trimming Die / Thread Rolling Die / Forming Die / Pointing Dies / Transfer Fingers / Presswork Tooling / Progression Tools

Screw and Washer Assembly Machines

Production of washer assembly sems units

Surface Finishing Machinery

Electroplating / Mechanical Plating (Zinc) / Dip Spin Coating / Hot Dip Galvanising

Optical Sorting Machinery

Bolt and Screw sorting / Nut sorting including thread presence / Eddy Current hardness checking / Roller Screening

Automatic Packaging Systems

Bespoke design as an independent system or fully integrated with one of our Optical sorting machines