Special Cold Forged Components

Cold forming is a high speed manufacturing process whereby metal is shaped at room temperature often without the need of the removal of material cost savings, enhanced product characteristics, higher quality surface finish along with reduced production costs. Components would be initiated by a feasibility review, planning, tooling and material cost procurement. Initial sample and PPAP submission would then take place prior to volume production being initiated.

Comprehensive Service

Nufast Limited is different from the usual fastenings manufacturer or distributor in the market. We offer a complete service and our dedicated engineers are on-hand to discuss feasibility and cost-saving initiatives. We are able to offer you complete flexibility and responsiveness that no distributor or competitor can offer.

The Nufast Limited engineering team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of cold forged component manufacture.

Transforming a Concept Into Reality

All fasteners are not created the same, due to the complexity and variations on a theme of styles, configurations and thread types, the task of the fastener designer can be overwhelming. This is where our production engineering department plays a pivotal part in transforming a concept into reality.

Work with us...

Nufast Ltd works with you from concept, through to finished product

  • Brief
  • Drawing
  • Concept
  • Development
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Fulfilment

Request technical data, Quotation, enquire about a project please contact;

e: info@nufast.co.uk

t: +44 (0)1543 270 700


Right First Time, Every Time

Utilising expert product knowledge on materials, tooling, latest manufacturing methods and utilising the concepts of Lean Manufacturing, the Production Engineering team are responsible for ensuring a quality product is produced right first time, every time at the least possible cost to the production department.

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