We offer a portfolio of tooling such as stamping tools, punches, customized punches, dies, cutters, fingers, pins, other general forming tools that fit to your production, do the job better, and lower overall production cost.

Nufast Group Manufacturing Facilities

Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality tools with dedication to bespoke requirements and production schedule.
To achieve that, we have invested in new, most advanced equipment, developed new methods and implemented the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

High Degree Automation & Cutting-edge Technology

Equipped with the most advanced facilities, we deliver quality tools with dedication to your schedule and specific requirements.
Our Group manufacturing facilities are set up to make customer-specific tooling to provide you with exactly what you need, where you need & when you need.

Round Punches

We can produce sizes specific to your requirement in various grade of high-speed steel, carbide and powder metallurgical and keep extensive stocks of round punches at very competitive prices.


General Tooling

Nufast Tooling offer a portfolio of tooling such as dies, cutters, finger, pins and other general forming tools.


Customized Punches & Dies

Our customized tooling offers superior production capability to help your operation exceed production demands. We fabricate tooling to meet the needs of your most demanding applicaitions.



Equipped with the most advanced Group facilities, Nufast deliver quality Dies with dedication to your schedule and specific needs.


Stamping Tools

High degree automation and cutting-edge technology. We deliver the highest quality tooling with dedication to clients schedules and specific requirements.


Nufast Tooling Group Facilities