Our Objectives

All companies have an overreaching goal – an idea on which to base our actions in our everyday work environment.

As such, our mission statement is:

"To combine innovative engineering solutions with committed, efficient commercial practice ensuring Nufast Limited is the leading supplier for fasteners worldwide"

We don’t underestimate this objective.

As we strive to be at the forefront of design and manufacturing technology for cold-forged fastening solutions.

In being the customer’s preferred choice and partner, we aim to innovate, maintain and grow our position and reputation as a leading fastener supplier to a wide range of industries and applications worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

Our focus will always remain on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our strategy is simple: as a manufacturer, we have the distinct advantage of being available to you immediately. The United Kingdom, Europe, the middle-East are easily accessible: we are on your doorstep – our fasteners can be delivered in hours or days – not months.

Worldwide Service

Our worldwide service is no less impressive; our group customers in America, Australia and China choose us because of our reliability and high standard of quality.

We are proud to work with Laser Transport International ensuring we provide reliable deliveries with accurate tracking.

Ideal Partner

Our quick responsiveness, fast manufacturing solutions, effective communication, competitive prices and growth make us an ideal partner for your needs.