Optical Sorting

Solving quality issues is our mission, achieving zero defects to assure the quality of customers’ products and higher return of investment is our goal…

Based in Burntwood, Staffordshire, we operate an in-house high-speed, high-volume optical inspection & sorting service for automotive companies & precision parts manufacturers throughout the UK.

We have recently increased our Optical Sorting operation & expanded Nufast’s inspection technologies by investing in new innovative sorting equipment for high speed 360° inspection of small/large diameter headed fasteners & components. This NEW inspection machinery further enhances our inspection capabilities & optical sorting solution. We now offer the most advanced High-Speed Inspection Technology capable of solving the toughest inspection & sorting problems.

Micro Components to Large Fastener Inspection…

For all kinds of fastener, automotive components, parts inspection - our high-speed auto optical inspection machines solve the quality problems of screws, nuts, rods, micro parts, general fastener, auto parts, precise semiconductor parts, threaded components, medical related products and other ODM parts.

High Speed, High Accuracy, 100% Inspection Detects Variations;

  • 360° Crack Optical Inspection
  • 360° Thread Defect Optical Inspection
  • Material Mix Inspection
  • Head Inspection
  • Profile Dimensions
  • Foreign Material
  • Surface Finish & Defects

Detection Solution to Suit Your Requirements

Nufast delivers optical sorting, detection solution that best suits your requirements If you have a product - that has nothing to do with fasteners, screws or nuts - please let us know what it is you would like to sort and your requirements, we would be very interested!

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and the opportunity to discuss how our optical technology and sorting services can help achieve a reduction in PPM levels, a better ROI and ultimately increased sales  

Contact Request technical data, quotation, enquire about a project please contact;

e: info@nufast.co.uk
t: +44 (0)1543 270 700

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‘We approached Nufast back at the beginning of 2019 to employ their optical sorting services for our products, in order to meet the very stringent demands of our automotive customers.

Expectations of a fast turnaround can be demanding at the best of times, however, we found Craig and his team at Nufast to be pro-active, helpful and very accommodating to our needs, offering a bespoke service at competitive rates whilst demonstrating a willingness to satisfy at all stages of the process’

Kind Regards
Vinny Bacon
Quality Manager
bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd