Optical Sorting

Nufast Limited provides an on-site facility for Optical sorting, the vast majority of manufacturers and service providers are constantly looking to reduce their PPM levels.

There are numerous reasons why components may require “optical sorting”. Process routes often involving external operations may introduce foreign material into a production batch, alternatively problems could develop at source.

Defects can also originate in the manufacturing process – cracks, dimensional variations and missing threads, which compromise the quality of a production batch.

Due to this end users are now specifying parts are sorted as a routine procedure. “Optical Sorting” then becomes precautionary rather than specific defect related.

Reduction in PPM Levels

Manufacturers and service providers are constantly attempting to achieve 0 defects, “Optical Sorting“ will allow all parties to achieve a substantial reduction in their current PPM levels however to date will not eradicate issues completely.

Nufast saw an opportunity to offer a service to the UK market place, offering the facility to “Optical Sort “ free-issue material at the new Burntwood site. In to this in conjunction with our partners Accuvision Taiwan we can design and commission bespoke machinery to suit your exact requirements.

Nufast Ltd can optically sort your free issue material


Design and commission a bespoke machine for your components


For a breadth of fastener, automotive screws sorting, parts inspection.

Our Auto optical inspection machines are suitable to solve the quality problems of delicate screws, nuts, rods, micro parts, general fastener, auto parts, precise semiconductor parts, medical related products and other ODM parts.


Request technical data, quotation, enquire about a project please contact;

e: info@nufast.co.uk 
t: +44 (0)1543 270 700

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