Nufast Limited is a driven company, aiming to achieve increasingly high performance and production metrics.

Development is what defines our progress.

Initiatives and Innovation

We are always developing new initiatives and innovative production methods. Nufast Limited are constantly evolving at the high speed that the automotive industry expects and requires. However, we operate with forward-thinking development initiatives that put us one step ahead of our competitors. Exploring further the requirements of our customers, we develop new methods of production to accelerate our processes and guarantee competitive results every time.

Technological Solutions

Such an example is our investments into high tech Optical Sorting Equipment.

Not only do our technological solutions guarantee accurate and competitive production, but also ensure that all of the products which leave us are consistently of a high standard premium quality.


Our facilities are always evolving too, alongside the members of staff we employ.

We have made a number of investments in order to secure more in-house production equipment and auditing procedures.

In order to facilitate our growth as a service provider, we are always looking for new members of staff to join our team.