Nufast Limited s expertise in bespoke Fasteners, Pressings and Cold Forged Components guarantees that quality products are brought to fruition at consistently unbeatable standards.

Offering a comprehensive variety of designs, materials, and surface finishes, we ensure that the products we make encapsulate our craftsmanship and the highest attention to detail.

  • Aerospace Parts Manufacturing – Ground Support
  • Equipment – Aviation Maintenance Tooling

Accuracy, Repeatability and Efficiency

In an Industry that demands accuracy, repeatability and efficiency Nufast delivers aerospace parts, processes and engineering solutions that enables customers to meet their most demanding needs at the lowest possible cost.

With accumulated knowledge from years of continuous manufacturing, Nufast are capable of manufacturing the most challenging components for the aerospace industry. These components are bespoke and tailored to meet every detail of the customers’ requirements

What we offer


Aircraft materials need to be selected and manufactured to adequately combat the environment, temperature, loading, compatibility, et cetera. When structural materials such as aluminium alloys or fibre-reinforced polymer composites need to be joined in aircraft, the selection of fasteners, bolts, rivets, adhesives and other methods need to be quantitatively assessed in order that the correct design for the component and joining method is identified.

There is a variety of fasteners, bolts and rivets, made using a variety of materials. Aluminium rivets are often used to join aluminium components in an aircraft. Rivets do not perform well under tension loading, but perform better in shear thus limiting the application specifically for these purposes. Bolts are designed to clamp material together, and even though the bolt may be adequate to support a particular structure and load requirement, consideration must also be given to the Modulus of Elasticity and stiffness of the components that are being clamped together. Therefore an understanding of each of the materials being clamped or joined together is necessary. Bolts manufactured from steel for instance have coatings applied in order to help protect them from corrosion